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More medium-crossing

Just as The Onion lampoons newspapers from USA Today to the ‘free weeklies,’ and The Onion Radio News reports poke fun at the conventions of its medium, a new Onion video venture, the Onion News Network has arrived (link opens in iTunes) with a delicious deadpan that goes beyond teasing newsmakers and the stories of the day, and wittily satirizes the flaws of today’s overwrought television news broadcasts.

If its first few video podcasts are any indication, this will definitely be worth subscribing to.

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  • A Different Kind of Beat

    via the Chronicle of Higher Ed:

    Physicians who listen at least 400 times to common heart murmurs via their iPods or other MP3 devices are much more likely to identify the murmurs in patients, according to a study presented Sunday at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting.

  • Every step you take…

    In the midst of an otherwise dry business report on Nike:

    Nike did say it plans to make all its running shoes compatible with its Nike+ technology by the end of the year. Nike+ allows runners to track their workouts with Apple Inc.’s iPod.

Required Reading

Wonderful discussion of software interface efficiency, starting with

This American Life

I love stories.

Stories are what make us human. They are the foundation of community and of continuity. They connect us, teach us, comfort us. We each tell stories. Small stories. Big stories. We yearn to tell stories. Some of us don’t think consciously about it, but we do it all the time. Telling stories, listening to others’ stories. It is the basis of culture. Any culture.

We communicate through stories. I like to think about communications. To study communications is largely to observe how we format those stories — the protocols we follow, the methods we employ, the ways we preserve stories for future generations.

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Hello Out There!

Greetings! Welcome to the Dialog Box blog.

I hope this blog will grow into a source of interesting information related to human interface design and the philosophical nature of our interactions with computers and other emerging technology. I plan to post some of my own thoughts, accompanied by a heaping dose of my favorite stories and posts from around the internet as related to this topic.

Please comment and trackback and let me (and any other readers) know your thoughts, ideas, and favorite links.

This site is an experiment in the possibilities of the internet, and I’m always open to change, so please don’t hesitate to make requests and suggestions, either.

So, welcome! I hope we can enjoy this journey together and come out better for having made it. Onward!